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Hoops Classic Rules


Important Hoops Classic Dates

  • 2/8/19 – Mandatory player registration ends
  • 2/11/19 – Tryouts start (times & locations TBD by school)
  • 2/15/19 – Team selections (must be confirmed)
  • 2/19/19 – Practices start (after head coach registers official team roster including all payments)
  • 3/8/19 – First + Second round of games
  • 3/9/18 – First + Second round of games
  • 3/10/18 – Championship round of games

Coordinator Duties

  1. Act as the conduit of contact between Irvine Youth Sports, IPSF and the school sites.
  2. Be the primary means of generating enthusiasm among the students for the tournaments, in conjunction with school staff.
  3. Help recruit coaches for these school teams.
  4. Responsible for all communication to all families who have registered and for keeping school up-to-date on tryout/practice schedules and final rosters.
  5. Oversee each team at their school, along with each team’s coach, to make sure the team is registered on time, tryouts take place in a fair and timely manner, and the school’s t-shirts are picked up and distributed.

Please Note: Only coordinators and coaches who have registered will receive email communication and be able to register their team rosters.

Additional Hoops Classic Information

  1. You should be receiving a phone call from Irvine Youth Sports verifying your commitment to being a coordinator for your respective school. Only one coordinator is selected for each school
  2. Receive an Email with the calendar of events and responsibilities of a coordinator
  3. Find coaches from your school. You will have access to the information for who has expressed interest in coaching on TeamSnap. To view it go to the Divisions tab, find your school, click on your school team and then select the Directory Tab. In the top right corner is export to CSV. This will email the excel file to your account email. This file will not reflect any future registrations so check every couple days if you are still missing coaches
  4. Contact your school principal and coaches to set up a tryout time
  5. Communicate with the PE teachers or relevant school staff to get them to announce the tryouts.
  6. Send a message on TeamSnap to your schools tryout team. Go to your school then click on tryout team. Near the top right tab is Messages. Send a message as an Alert announcing tryout times (this will send a push notification to everyone who has TeamSnap on their phone or an email to those who do not or have opted out).
  7. Be present at tryouts and make sure that they are run fairly and every kid has an opportunity to participate. This is not a Club event only. Remind kids that they must sign up through the website in order to participate in the event
  8. Sign off on the final team rosters whenever coaches have completed building their team
  9. Communicate to the coaches the date and time for Team Shirt pickup.
  10. Familiarize yourself with TeamSnap. If you have any questions or concerns please email Tournament of Champions. The sooner we help you the easier your time will be.
  1. Every player must complete registration to participate
  2. Head coaches will need to submit their final roster to their coordinator or to info@irvineyouthsports.org.
  3. Coaches will need to verify their rosters are correct on TeamSnap by 2/15 before invoices can go out. Email info@irvineyouthsports.org stating your TeamSnap roster is final and correct.

Basketball 28.5 or 29.5 for middle school boys
Please work directly with your school to borrow equipment for tryouts and practice as it is not provided.

  • Each team is guaranteed two games.
  • Each team will provide an official game ball (review rules for exact size).
  • Water & snacks for players are required.
  • No watches, jewelry, string bracelets, acrylic nails, headbands, hard casts, barrettes, earrings, etc., may be worn by players.
  • The referee shall make the final decision on what may or may not be worn by players.