Below is answers to some frequently asked questions to help solve any concerns or confusion you may have.

  1. After signing up you should be hearing about tryouts from your school. The tryout times should be communicated through the PE department or other school staff as well as through TeamSnap. If you do not hear from anyone send an email or call the coordinator which can be found on TeamSnap
  2. Make sure you are available for tryouts. If you cannot make tryouts communicate with the coordinator so that the coaches will be aware of missing players. In the event that tryouts have already occurred communicate with your coordinator to see if any teams have open space
  3. Coaches should be communicating practice times to their team directly
  4. Pay the player participation fee ($30) which will not be sent out until the final rosters are submitted. If you require a scholarship to participate please email Tournament of Champions proof that your child is on the lunch assistance program to receive credit for ($15)
  1. After signing up for Tournament of Champions you should be receiving a phone call or a email from your school coordinator verifying that you are going to coach
  2. Communicate with the coordinator to help pick a time and ensure that you are available to be at your schools tryout
  3. Draft your team from tryouts and remind players that they need to sign up at the website. To create your team, please email your coordinator or your list of players.
  4. Have your coordinator sign off on your final roster and then practices may begin. Make sure that your team knows they still need to pay the player fee ($30) before you submit the final roster
  5. Upon roster submission Irvine Youth Sports will be creating a team invoice. Jersey pickup times will be communicated to you by the school coordinator. Team Shirts will not be handed out until the minimum team fee is covered and you will need a paper version of the Final Roster and all Signed Consent Forms
  1. You should be receiving a phone call from Irvine Youth Sports verifying your commitment to being a coordinator for your respective school. Only one coordinator is selected for each school
  2. Receive an Email with the calendar of events and responsibilities of a coordinator
  3. Find coaches from your school. You will have access to the information for who has expressed interest in coaching on TeamSnap. To view it go to the Divisions tab, find your school, click on your school team and then select the Directory Tab. In the top right corner is export to CSV. This will email the excel file to your account email. This file will not reflect any future registrations so check every couple days if you are still missing coaches
  4. Contact your school principal and coaches to set up a tryout time
  5. Communicate with the PE teachers or relevant school staff to get them to announce the tryouts.
  6. Send a message on TeamSnap to your schools tryout team. Go to your school then click on tryout team. Near the top right tab is Messages. Send a message as an Alert announcing tryout times (this will send a push notification to everyone who has TeamSnap on their phone or an email to those who do not or have opted out).
  7. Be present at tryouts and make sure that they are run fairly and every kid has an opportunity to participate. This is not a Club event only. Remind kids that they must sign up through the website in order to participate in the event
  8. Sign off on the final team rosters whenever coaches have completed building their team
  9. Communicate to the coaches the date and time for Team Shirt pickup.
  10. Familiarize yourself with TeamSnap. If you have any questions or concerns please email Tournament of Champions. The sooner we help you the easier your time will be

When signing up for try-outs there is no players fee. Once you are selected by a coach for a team then we order shirts for each player based on their TeamSnap roster. If you change your mind and wish to back out of the tournament you must inform your coach and us before the deadline for teams forming (2/15). We cannot cancel any invoices after this date.

In order to roster players you will need to be promoted to the Coordinator position.

1. To roster players go to the Divisions tab and select the event and then click on your school name.
2. Before you click on any teams select the Rostering tab
3. You can filter in the middle but you won’t really need to, scroll down to the bottom of the page and open up the tab on the bottom right box. Drag any players you are moving from the Try-Out team to the Bottom left box.
4. From there you can drag anyone that is unrostered onto the correct team in the bottom right box

To pick up team shirts you will need:
1. Official printed roster signed by your school coordinator
2. Signed consent forms from your team
3. Minimum team fee must be paid. The remaining balance must be paid by whoever is picking up the jerseys, ideally the coach.

  1. Coaches need to register as a volunteer (non-parent) using the registration link.
  2. Once they are registered we will roster them (give us a day to do this).
  3. From this point if you go into the correct team you should see a list of all members. On the right side of the screen is the edit button. Find the coach and select edit. In the very first box it will say Member First Name, Last Name, Manager Access and Non-Player. Selecting Manager Access promotes them to a coach. Selecting non-player will move them to the very bottom of the page and separate from the rest of the team. This makes it easier to see the correct number of players as well as easy to find the coach.
  4. Furthermore if you want to really emphasize the coach scroll down to Optional Member Details and 4 rows down is Role(s), Type in whatever you’d like to assign them as such as Alderwood 5/6 boys Head Coach.

To get information out to your team(s) click on the messages button. This can be done either to a team or to all of your school teams. You will then have 3 options to get your information out: emails, alerts and posts. Alerts is the best method for important information such as try-out dates and any changes. This will send out a push notification, and an email through Team Snap. Posts will not inform anyone unless they click on posts to see what was written (like any message board).