39th Annual Harvest Cup

The Irvine Harvest Cup is an annual inter-school soccer tournament held in December each year at the O.C. Great Park. Harvest Cup gives kids the opportunity to represent their school, learn to play, have fun and complete against other Irvine schools as part of the Tournament of Champions.


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Dec. 6th–8th, 2019
Friday thru Sunday


32 Irvine Schools
Boys & Girls: 3rd–8th Grade


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O.C. Great Park
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LA Galaxy OC
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How does the Harvest Cup process work?

Step 1

Register for your school’s Harvest Cup tryouts. Tryouts will cost 1¢ (plus convenience fee) to register for and attend; donations are appreciated and help support the kids, IPSF and the overall event.

Step 2

You will be directly notified by your school’s designated ToC school coordinator about specific tryout times and locations. These will vary by school and grade level. Players must attend tryouts to be eligible to play in the Harvest Cup.

Step 3

If your child is selected for a team, the head coach will notify you and the second part of your payment will automatically occur on November 1st. This fee is per player and covers the official Harvest Cup uniform (t-shirt), facilities, referees, equipment, and more.

Step 4

Official school team practices will begin once rosters are submitted to the Irvine or Tustin Youth Sports Association. Practice times and locations will be determined by the school teams’ coaches and may vary.

Tournament Timeline

Coming Next Year 2020

Harvest Cup Champions (2018)

Girls (3rd/4th): Vista Verde Elementary School

Boys (3rd/4th): Canyon View Elementary School

Co-Ed (3rd/4th): Deerfield Elementary School

Girls (5th/6th): Woodbury Elementary School

Co-Ed (5th/6th): Oak Creek Elementary School

Girls (7th/8th): Venado Middle School

Boys (7th/8th) Vista Verde Middle School

Year Grade School
2017 Elementary Girls Bonita Canyon
2017 Elementary Boys Vista Verde
2017 Middle School Girls Jeffrey Trail
2017 Middle School Boys Vista Verde
2016 Elementary Girls Bonita Canyon
2016 Elementary Boys Vista Verde
2016 Middle School Girls Rancho
2016 Middle School Boys Sierra Vista
2015 Elementary Boys Vista Verde
2015 Elementary Girls Stonecreek
2015 Middle School Boys Sierra Vista
2015 Middle School Girls Sierra Visa
2014 Elementary Boys Canyon View
2014 Elementary Girls Vista Verde
2014 Middle School Boys South Lake
2014 Middle School Girls Sierra Vista
2013 Elementary Boys Santiago Hills
2013 Elementary Girls Canyon View
2013 Middle School Boys Lakeside
2013 Middle School Girls Jeffrey Trail
2012 Elementary Boys Orchard Hills
2012 Elementary Girls Meadowpark
2012 Middle School Boys Sierra Vista
2012 Middle School Girls Sierra Vista
2011 Elementary Boys Canyon View
2011 Elementary Girls Canyon View
2011 Middle School Boys Sierra Vista
2011 Middle School Girls Rancho


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