Tournament of Champions Cup

The Tournament of Champions Cup will be awarded in the spring to the one elementary school and one middle school with the most points accumulated from all four tournaments (soccer, football, basketball and volleyball).

In the event that two schools have the same number of points, the tiebreaker will be the number of individual tournament championships per school. If there is still a tie, then the championship will be determined by the number of games won by each school. Only one team’s points will count towards the ToC Cup per division*.

* A division is how the brackets are organized. If there is a possibility of one team playing another team from the same school, they are in the same division.

Points System

1 point: Team participation per division**

1 point: Each game won

1 point: Event Runner-Up

2 points: Event Champion

** If there are multiple teams in a division, (e.g. two or more 5th grade boys’ teams) then only the most successful team’s points will count towards the ToC Cup. Girls’ and boys’ teams are considered different divisions unless the team is co-ed, then the team will be placed in the boys’ division.

K–8 schools will be treated as one elementary school and one middle school.