A. Middle School – Boys & Girls (7 vs 7)

  1. Two (2) 25-minute halves with a 5-minute half time. Minimum playing time: One (1) quarter of regulation time or 12.5 minutes for the first 2 games only. (See Section II, A).
  2. Home Team will be listed on the tournament bracket. The home team shall have the choice of sides on the field of play (spectator areas) and the other team shall setup on the opposite side.
  3. Substitutions must take place from the halfway line only, and entering player may not go on the field until the exiting player steps off the field. Either team may substitute:
    1. Between halves.
    2. On a goal kick.
    3. When a goal has been scored.
    4. When a player is cautioned.
    5. When a player has been sent off the field (red card) (player that is sent off shall not be replaced).
    6. When play is stopped for whatever reason and an injured player is attended to on the field, that player may be replaced.
    7. When the referee stops play for substitutions to be made.
    8. A team having gained possession of the ball for a throw-in may substitute as many players as desired.
    9. If the team with possession substitutes players, the other team may also substitute.
  4. No overtime, except for championship game. (See Section II, B-6).
  5. If tied after completion of regular time, go directly to shoot-out. (See Section II, C).
  6. For the Championship Match only, if at the end of regulation time both teams have scored the same number of goals, or neither team has scored any goals, a maximum of two (2) overtime periods shall be played as follows:
    1. Each team shall field a maximum of seven (7) players. However, for each player sent off the field of play during regulation time or any overtime period, the team shall field one less player for each overtime period. Players sent off the field of play during regulation time or the first overtime period, may not participate in any overtime period.
    2. The duration of each overtime period shall be nine (9) minutes, subject to the following restriction. The first team to score a goal during any overtime period shall be declared the winner of the match (“Sudden Victory”).
    3. If at the end of the first overtime period, neither team has scored a goal; a second overtime period shall be played subject to the conditions of Section II, B-6 b (above).
    4. If at the end of the second overtime period, neither team has scored a goal, the match shall be decided by the “Taking of Kicks from the Penalty Mark” (Shootout), Section II, C.

C. Penalty Kicks (Shootout)

  1. The referee shall choose the goal at which the kicks shall be taken.
  2. The referee shall toss a coin, and the team whose captain wins the toss decides whether to take the first or second kick.
  3. The referee shall note each player as he takes the kick from the penalty mark.
  4. Subject to the terms of the following paragraphs, both teams shall take five (5) kicks. The kicks shall be taken alternately:
    1. If, before both teams have taken five kicks, one team has scored more goals than the other could, even if it were to complete its five kicks, the taking of kicks shall cease.
    2. If, after both teams have taken five kicks, both teams have scored the same number of goals, or have not scored any goals, the taking of kicks shall continue in the same order, until such time as both teams have taken an equal number of kicks (not necessarily five more kicks) and one team has scored one goal more than the other.
  5. The team that scores the greater number of goals shall be declared the winner of the match.
  6. Each kick shall be taken by a different player, and not until all eligible players of any team, including the goalkeeper have taken a kick, may a player from the same team take a second kick. Only players on the field of play at the end of the second overtime may participate in the Taking of Kicks.
  7. Any player may change places with the goalkeeper at any time during the taking of kicks.
  8. Player and team locations shall be as follows:
    1. Other than the player taking the kick from the penalty mark, and the two goalkeepers, all players shall remain within the center circle while taking of kicks is in progress.
    2. The goalkeeper who is the teammate of the kicker, shall take a position within the field of play, outside the penalty area at which the kicks are being taken, and at least 10 yards from the penalty mark.
  9. No player who has been sent off the field of play during regulation time, any overtime period, or during the “Taking of Kicks from the Penalty Mark,” shall be allowed to participate in the taking of kicks.
  10. Unless stated to the contrary in the foregoing paragraphs, the Laws of the Game shall in so far as they can, apply to the taking of kicks.

D. Forfeit

  1. If one team is unable to field a minimum of seven (7) players at game time, the referee, as sole timekeeper, shall allow for a five (5) minute “grace period.” At end of the “grace period,” if that team is still not able to field a minimum of seven (7) players, the game shall be declared a forfeit. Such decision shall be final.


Ball Size
Elementary 4 25.0-26.5 12-14
Middle School 5 26.5-28.0 14-16


A. Cautions

  1. Standard FIFA procedures (yellow card).
  2. A player receiving a yellow card must sit out until the next substitution break.
  3. Second caution results in send off from match (equivalent to red card). No substitutions for sent off player allowed, team plays short for remainder of game. (See comments under IV. B. 1 & 2)
  4. Coaches will be responsible for the behavior of the team’s sideline.
  5. On first instance of coach/parent misbehavior, the LA Galaxy OC staff will be summoned to the field. On second instance during the same game, the coach/parent is removed or the game is a forfeit. If misbehavior takes place during the last game of the tournament, penalties will carry over to the first game of the following year. IYS will reserve the right to send a report card of parent/coach behavior to the principal of the school concerned.

B. Send Offs

  1. Discipline: Minimum penalty shall be disqualification from participating in the remainder of the game. It will be the referee’s discretion to recommend an additional disqualification period (half, match, tournament) if the action/infraction warrants it.
  2. Ejected players shall not be replaced.
  3. Fighting: Disqualification from tournament.
  4. Coaches covered by same rules. If a coach is sent off the field of play, then he/she must physically move out of hearing distance of the field.
  5. If a coach is ejected, he/she will not be allowed to coach a team the following year.
  6. Playing a game with a disqualified player or coach will result in forfeiture of that game.
  7. Referee decisions are final, no appeals are allowed with the exception of ineligible players.


  1. Unless otherwise stated in these tournament rules, games will be officiated by standard rules.
  2. Headers are Allowed for Middle School grades
  3. Spectators are to remain three (3) yards from touchline and above the 18-yard line.
  4. Teams may have two game coaches. They are to remain 10 yards on either side of midfield line.
  5. No one is allowed behind goals.
  6. Goalkeepers are to wear colors that are distinguishable from the other players (including the other goalkeeper and referee).
  7. The clock runs during all injuries and other delays of game. However, to prevent obvious abuse of this policy by teams, the referee, as the sole timekeeper, shall have the sole discretion to adjust the match’s clock as desired.
  8. Goalkeeper may be substituted with referee’s permission. During penalty kicks, if the goalkeeper is changed, the player must have been currently on the field.
  9. Goalkeepers may play the entire game in goal.
  10. The maximum number of players on the field is seven (7); minimum is seven (5) with play being terminated when the number of players drops below seven (5).
  11. Shin guards are mandatory and are to be covered by socks.
  12. No watches, jewelry, string bracelets, acrylic nails, headbands, hard casts, barrettes, earrings, etc., may be worn by players. The referee shall make the final decision on what may or may not be worn by players.
  13. Coaches must fill out game cards for referees. Game cards will be turned into tournament staff after game.
  14. All decisions of the Tournament Director are final and not subject to any appeal.

V. Build Out Line

  1. When the goalkeeper has the ball in his or her hands during play from the opponent, or during a goal kick, the opposing team must move behind the build out line until the ball is put into play
  2. Once the opposing team is behind the build out line, the goalkeeper can pass, throw or roll the ball into play (punts and dropkicks are not allowed). After the ball is put into play by the goalkeeper, the opposing team can cross the build out line and play resumes as normal.
  3.  If a goalkeeper punts or drop kicks the ball, an indirect free kick should be awarded to the opposing team from the spot of the offense. If the punt or drop kick occurs within the goal area, the indirect free kick should be taken on the goal area line parallel to the goal line at the nearest point to where the infringement occurred.
  4. The build out line will also be used to denote where offside offenses can be called.
  5. Players cannot be penalized for an offside offense between the halfway line and the build out line. Players can be penalized for an offside offense between the build out line and goal line.


  1. This is a Saturday tournament with two games guaranteed. We cannot accommodate special requests for game times
  2. The tournament brackets will be determined by order of team submission. In the case of a play in game, the 1st team submitted will have the higher seed.
  3. The schedule reads as Away at Home – meaning the bottom team is Home. Home teams are White and the Away teams are the color selected by the team. Shirts for all players on a team must be the same color


  1. This is a fun and recreational level school soccer tournament and we must remember this is to be a positive experience for all involved.
  2. Please highlight school spirit, teamwork, fun.
  3. Professional referees. Volunteer coaches.
  4. Good luck and have fun!